Annually 700 to 900 US Women Die in the Pregnancy Year Another 65,000 Nearly Die

Perinatal Culture
Perinatal Culture

"Perinatal Culture and Safety"

Identify the Gaps between National Standards and the Perinatal & Neonatal Care at Your Hospital or Health System 

Una Vita

Seasoned Team

Una Vita's Team "Perinatal Culture" advisory service offers your organization a seasoned team of healthcare experts and physicians who provide you with collective decades of combined experience in developing nationally recognized women's and neonatal programs for hospitals & health systems


Our analytics provide the industry’s best assessments of adherence to safety and clinical standards, forecasts of volume growth, operational performance and opportunities for process improvement

Collaborative Journey

We see our work with you as a collaborative journey - one that turns data, evaluation and comparison to national safety standards into a meaningful expression of your care and commitment to new mothers and their babies

Is It Time to Conduct a Perinatal Gap Analysis

Maternal Mortality Rising

American women are three times as likely to die in the maternal period than Canadian women and six times more likely to die than Scandinavian women


Thirty  percent of  hospital malpractice claims with a $1M indemnity payment are related to perinatal care  

Culture of Safety

In studies of using root cause analysis of perinatal deaths and severe mortality communication & teamwork are sited as the number one cause in 72% of cases

Perinatal Clinical & Culture Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis UnaVitaPGA™

As a well established team of healthcare & medical professionals " Perinatal Culture" identifies opportunities & provides recommendations to enhance your Perinatal or Neonatal program  

Culture Teamwork

•Leadership Structure 

•Interdisciplinary work

•Clinical Coverage 

• Hand-Off Reports 

•Clinical Report Exchange 

•Disruptive Behavior

•Interdisciplinary Rounds

•Chain of Command

•Peer Review Process

•Debriefing Process   

Review of Practices

•Perinatal Transport 

•Triage Process 

•Admission & Discharge 

•Shoulder Dystocia

•Perinatal Codes

•Neonatal Resuscitation

•Oxytocin & Prostaglandin 

•Cesarean Sections  

•Hemorrhage Policy 

•Preeclampsia eclampsia 

•Detection of Sepsis

•Elective Deliveries

Clinical Environment

•Resuscitation Equipment

•Emergency Carts & Boxes 

•Critical Medication

•Large BMI Patients



•Clinical Competencies

•E F M Competency

•Neonatal Resuscitation 

•Team Communication 


Our clients specifically benefit from the actionability of  Una Vita's " Perinatal Culture Gap Analysis" findings, due to the full integration of all stakeholders

Why Choose Una Vita for Your Perinatal Assessment

We have advised hundreds of the best perinatal & neonatal programs across the country

Our team is differentiated not only by the excellence of its healthcare experts, physicians and analytical staff but also by its unique project management approach and readiness to assist in implementing the programs and changes we recommend

What sets Una Vita apart is the boutique nature of our firm and our work. Yes, we utilize big data and standardized measurements and statistics, but our work thrives on professional knowledge gained through decades of successful experience in the  perinatal &  neonatal health fields

We distinguish ourselves by building feedback/feedforward relationships with key stakeholders, driven by sincere interest in what people have to say and what they believe the very best healthcare should look like. We take the time to listen to, understand and appreciate the needs of both healthcare consumers and medical staff and we firmly address those needs in the programs and improvements we propose

Executive Team

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About Una Vita, Inc.

Una Vita is a boutique advisory firm comprised of seasoned partners each with over 35 years of experience. 

—Leader of several large university-based maternity, women’s and pediatric programs as well as substantial community-based offerings.

— Board certified clinical neonatologist and pediatrician known for his work and writings in the area of bioethics as well as for his results-oriented strengths in healthcare quality consulting and change management.

   — Health system CEO responsible for leading one of the first cultural transformation of system deployments of lean six sigma and National Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award program


We are still reaping results from the work that Una Vita’s President Diana Domenica Bruno did for our organization several years ago. The evidence based practices she introduced and mentored us to implement using Six Sigma methods set us on a path of excellence that brought outstanding results in clinical outcomes as well as customer satisfaction. 

CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler, Texas

Diana Domenica Bruno, MS

Diana is a national leader in healthcare and one of the country’s most qualified and innovative Perinatal & Neonatal advisors. 

She believes that creating a Sustainable Culture of Safety is the primary and overarching reason that clients choose Una Vita.

In addition to Diana’s role as an international advisor, her expertise includes select healthcare leadership roles. She has provided executive leadership to large university-based maternity, women’s and pediatric programs as well as substantial community-based offerings.

A pioneer in the application of Lean methodologies, and evaluation of the customer experience, she is also a prolific healthcare writer and featured conference speaker. Diana has published over two dozen healthcare articles, professional columns, and book chapters. Her groundbreaking outlook on healthcare has served to shape industry trends. Diana holds a Master’s degree in Administration of Healthcare Systems from Georgetown University. She has completed the Juran Institute Six Sigma and Lean training, is a state Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner, and an affiliate of the Center for Health Design. 

Joseph T. Calvaruso, MBA

Joe Calvaruso is a management consultant specializing in strategic, operational, and cultural transformation. Joe has nearly 40 years of health system leadership and consulting experience in creating organizations that operate effectively and inspire patients, physicians, employees, and other stakeholders. As a co-founder of Una Vita, he has experience with leading systems in the area of perinatal strategic, operational, and process safety engagements.

Joe spent over 20 years at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, OH, where he served as CEO of the 4-hospital system for 8 years. Before being named CEO, Joe held positions of SVP Corporate Development, founder and President of the employed medical group, and President of the health plan. As CEO, Mr. Calvaruso was acknowledged for bringing Lean Six Sigma into health care which realized a $70M financial benefit over a 5-year period, and for creating an inspirational culture that cut employee turnover in half, doubled employee satisfaction, and was recognized as one of ten International Spirit at Work Award winners in the world in 2005.

Mr. Calvaruso also served as Performance Acceleration Officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services in Albuquerque, NM, where he led the process excellence cultural transformation resulting in improved clinical outcomes, patient safety, satisfaction, efficiency, and financial benefit. In that role, he also served as leader of the design of a $220+ million hospital campus that featured a separate Women’s Hospital and incorporated several evidence-based and Lean design concepts. At Presbyterian, the Vice Presidents for Information Services, Leadership Development/Learning Center and Baldrige also reported to Joe.

Joe began his career in healthcare planning and spent four years serving a variety of health care clients as a consultant for Peat Marwick in St. Louis, MO.

Mr. Calvaruso was selected and served as a National Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award program

Michael R. Gomez, MD, MS-HCA, FACHE, CPE

Dr. Michael Gomez is a board certified clinical neonatologist and pediatrician known for his work and writings in the area of bioethics as well as for his results-oriented strengths in healthcare quality consulting and change management. 

Since joining the Una Vita team in 2010 as a Senior Perinatal and Neonatal Advisor, Dr. Gomez has contributed expert oversight and direction in obstetrical and neonatal provider requirements, and evaluation of physician engagement utilizing evidence-based behavioral practices for optimal maternal, neonatal and pediatric healthcare. His work with Una Vita has facilitated clients to transition to higher quality standards of care and new models of clinical environments, such as single room neonatal intensive care units.

A 1986 graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Gomez brings more than 30 years of clinical and administrative experience to developing and leading continuum of care initiatives that provide outstanding access, throughput and quality of care that now meet the rigorous new Quality Payment Program (QPP) standards proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

As former Physician Executive for the University of New Mexico Health System Clinics he served as Co-Chair of the Leadership Development Institute and Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Project (Lobo Quality Improvement Process-LQIP) and, utilizing Mission: Excellence Studer® process improvement coaching, has made measurable strides in improving the clinical practice environment, including physician/provider/staff engagement and alignment.

Dr. Gomez’s many other professional accomplishments resulting in improved clinical outcomes and patient safety and satisfaction include the transformation of a large ward-based NICU to a pod-based NICU at Ardent-Hillcrest in Tulsa, OK, and the conversion of a large ward-based NICU to a single-patient room NICU in a new Saint Francis Health System Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, OK. Also within the Tulsa Saint Francis Health System, he revitalized the NICU transport team to ground and rotary-wing platforms with multiple transport capabilities, and changed the model of care from MD/NP to RN/RT.

In 2013 Dr. Gomez earned the distinction of board certification in healthcare management as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE).